It all starts with delivering a safe experience.
All equipment including helmets is supplied for your zipping pleasure.
Our instructors will assist you at every step of the 12 rides.
Start at the top… walk the plank… and safely land at the Treehouse:

samana zipline safety
Recommended clothing: 
Wear normal clothes
Most wear shorts and shoes
Don’t wear flip flops, you may loose them!  You can also bring your swimsuit under your clothes though if you would like to enjoy the beautiful El Valle Beach after the tour (about 10mn drive).

As you enter the Zipline access, our instructor’s team will provide and help you with your gear (body harnesses and helmet), then you will walk or will drive the “Pirate’s Ship” at the top of the mountain. Enjoy the amazing view over the jungle and the valley.

For liability purposes, you will be required to sign a liability waiver then you are ready to… WALK THE PLANK!

The first run is over 1000 feet long and you will fly 350 feet above the jungle!

There are 12 lines in total, you will stop at 13 stations where our instructors will be assisting you to change lines, take pictures or join a line with someone else.

Our team will ensure your security and fun all along your ride over the jungle.

You can also go on a double ride with our instructors if you are nervous, or share the experience in a double ride with your kid, best friend or fiancée!  You just kick back and relax while you enjoy the panorama zipping by below your feet, or your head if you want to go upside-down!  The journey is approx 1h-1h30 of pure fun!

German engineers spared no expense in building a safe, and what may be the single best zipline in all the Caribbean.

  • We have not just one but 3 highest quality cables to ensure your safety.
  • You are fastened in with a double harness that has two cams that run along 2 of the cables overhead.
  • Rated for up to 26,000 pounds you can enjoy the Zipline even as a double ride with our instructors if you are nervous.
  • Our braking systems are a unique part of the smooth ride and gentle deceleration designed for your comfort and enables almost anyone from 6 to 96 years to come zipping with us.

Our integrated braking system allows you to concentrate on having fun.  You don’t have to reach up with your hand and grab the cable to slow yourself down on each of the lines.  On ziplines where you have to wear a glove and control the braking, you can have premature braking accidents that leave you suspended in the middle of the zipline or worse, you can brake late and hit the pole at the end.  NOT WITH OUR INTEGRATED BRAKE SYSTEM!

The Zipline ends at the bottom of our Dominican Tree House Resort that you will reach after crossing a suspended bridge.  You can then take a short tour at the eco-hotel where you will see all the tree houses in the middle of the jungle or head to the amazing virgin beach of El Valle for a relaxing break!