About Samana Zipline Features

  • 12 lines in total,
  • some lines over 1000 feet long,
  • 3 cables to ensure your safety,
  • integrated braking system,
  • rated for up to 26,000 pounds,
  • you are fastened with a double harness,
  • you can zip solo or double with an instructor,
  • you can even zip down upside-down!

As you WALK THE PLANK off of the Pirate Ship at the top of the mountain.  The first run is over 1000 feet long.  The first of 12 total lines. We use only the highest quality equipment on the 3-cable Zip Line system.  Rated for up to 26,000 pounds you can enjoy the Zip Line as a soloist, or you can have a double ride with our instructors if you are nervous.  We have not just one but 3 cables to ensure your safety.  You are fastened in with a double harness that has two cams that run along 2 of the cables overhead.  At 350 feet above the ground, you will be treated to an exhilarating experience!


Our integrated braking system allows you to concentrate on having fun.  You don’t have to reach up with your hand and grab the cable to slow yourself down on each of the lines.  On zip lines where you have to wear a glove and control the braking, you can have premature braking accidents that leave you suspended in the middle of the zip line, or worse, you can brake late and hit the pole at the end.  NOT WITH OUR INTEGRATED BRAKE SYSTEM! You just kick back and relax while you enjoy the panorama zipping by below your feet.  Or your head, if you want to go upside-down!  It’s so fun and it’s so safe.